Lift services

Whether you are building a new building or need a lift integrated into an existing one, Access Solutions are your one-stop shop for any of your lift requirements. You can rest assured we will put you and your needs first with true personalised service - from the first stroke of the planner's pen to the final sign-off. Quality and safety are paramount - all our lifts meet or exceed Australian Safety Standards. Some of the services we provide are listed here.

Modernisation of lifts

Your existing lift can be upgraded to the latest electronic technology. Includes AC machines, DC machines and speeds from 0.5 to 5 metres per second. Cars and appointments can be upgraded to look and perform like brand new lifts.

Lift registration

Government safety regulations require all lifting equipment to be inspected and registered, specific to its location and usage. Access Solutions provides these services for each and every individual piece of equipment we supply and install.

Crane-in options

For some models a structural steel shaft with a fully operational lift can be supplied by Access Solutions. The unit is then craned into location, reducing onsite time.

Car interiors

A selection of interiors and finishes are available made to order. Floors can be finished with your choice of carpet, vinyl, or tiles. Wall and ceiling finishes have various options available - laminate, veneer, coloured glass, mirror, stainless and specialised stainless. Our interiors are made by qualified joiners, ensuring fine craftsmanship in any finish.

Our installation team has a variety of qualifications and trades to ensure that all lifts are of premium quality and workmanship.

Project management from start to finish

Access Solutions has on staff licensed commercial and residential builders, licensed electricians and registered plant inspectors, which means we can handle all the engineering, site preparation and council documentation for your project. We not only design and construct lifts, we can also undertake any building works necessary to install them.

24/7 callout service

All our lifts come with our emergency callout service for your peace of mind - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If service is required our qualified staff are available around the clock to return things to order as soon as possible.

Look at the benefits

24-hour emergency service call out
Statewide Services
Complete and coordinated project management from start to finish
Local representation
Over 100 years of combined experience in building and electrical trades
Licensed builders and electrical contractors and registered plant inspectors

Our projects

Perhaps the best way to experience the extent of our capability is to browse a selection of our projects, each one with its unique challenges and solutions.