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Electric dumbwaiter

Electric dumbwaiters make moving heavy loads between levels easy. From a small 50kg model to 275kg and beyond, there is sure to be a dumbwaiter which suits your specific needs. Electric dumbwaiters come with a structural steel shaft to reduce building costs.

Electro-hydraulic lift (two to four levels)

This Australian made lift comes complete with a structural steel shaft, eliminating the need for expensive building works and therefore reduces installation time and cost. Also, no machine room is required because the pump and controls are contained in a small cabinet located near the lift shaft.

Platform lift

The vertical platform lift is extremely versatile. With four different height specifications these lifts will easily meet your requirements. A platform lift can be installed in either pre-existing openings or in its own shaft, and because it's weatherproof it is suitable for outdoor use. Vertical platform lifts grant accessibility to all kinds of public buildings allowing wheel chair access.