Commercial and residential. 


Not restricted to our brand.


EN81-2 Compliant

Certified lift registration.

Flexible Plans

Work to your requirements.


Glass floors, leather handrails, multimedia screens – you name it!

Lift Cabin Lighting


Cabin down lights are not the only options available to meet lux requirements. Ask us about the custom lighting arrangements available!

Handrails, skirting, buttons and doors.

Designer Fixtures

Depending on the intended use of the lift, cabin fixtures can be custom designed to suit your building or home interior design.



Flooring finishes can be carpet tiles, stone, marble and even solid glass. It’s important to know this detail up front so we can ensure the weight balance and set down is correct when manufacturing your lift. 

See some fitout options.


Want to see which of our products are right for you? 

Why are lift fitouts so expensive?

Lift calibration needs to take place after changing weight and qualified lift technicians need to operate the lift to allow joiners to fit off. To ensure code compliance, fire-rated materials need to be used in accordance with the BCA. 

Can I get my local joiner to put some MDF panels in the lift cabin?

Our teams are able to best fit out your lift to ensure code compliance with door clearances, cabin balance weight, ventilation and lighting requirements. Ask us about what options are available!

Do you have a range of interior design options I can choose?

Certainly! Call us today for an obligation free quote or sample drawings!

Can you reskin lift doors or put advertising on them?

Absolutely! Tell us about your lift. 

Can I have music in my lift cabin or display screens?

Yes. It all depends on your budget! You can even have a TV playing! 

Complete and Partial

We can provide specialist lift fitout advice or woth with your interior designer for a complete or partial lift makeover.


  • Residential lift fitouts have greater design flexibilty as there are no requirements to meet DDA standards. 


  • Lifts in public spaces are required to meet DDA compliance. In some situations, design changes available on residential handrails, buttons, doors and landing lobbies won’t be available for commerical applications.