Installation of a 5000kgs goods lift, 16 escalators, 3 passenger lifts and at one point a 24/7 installation program.
  • Date: April 2015 -2019
  • Client: Kalis Property | Hutchinson Builder
  • Project Type: Mixed use

About this Project

Vertical transport contract value of $5m in total, that included flood repairs and a  24/7 installation program at one point.

We endured 3 floods, restoring multiple parts while providing maintenance to the locally managed units.

  • 16 escalators
  • 3 passenger lifts
  • 1 industrial 5000KG lift
  • Flood damage repairs to two escalators and two lifts.

Following the disastrous floods of 2016, Access Solutions were called in to provide emergency audits of the flooded units.  Emergency works were provided to basement escalators and lifts.

Working closely with our established relationships with suppliers, components were airfreighted in and complete replacement of parts in record time undertaken to ensure store operation and re-opening on time. 

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